Hoffman Grist Mill

Enterprise, Kansas

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Bison Burger  1 lb  $7.00

Special Order Bison Products:

 Ribeye Steak  $20.00

 Sirloin Steak  $15.00

 K C Strip  $18.00

 Fillet   $24.00

Grass Fed Beef from the Engle Family Farm:

 Ground Beef  1 lb  $7.00

 Steaks and Roasts are also available.

Beef Summer Sausage   $8.00

Beef Summer Sausage with Garlic   $8.00

Beef Jerky   3.25 ozs   $7.50

 Carolina Reaper

 Ghost Pepper

 Hot Jamaican

 Honey Barbecue



Regular Beef Jerky  ____  $12.00

Prices are subject to change on all items.

The mill is located at 105 N. Factory Street in Enterprise, KS.

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