Hoffman Grist Mill

Enterprise, Kansas

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The Hoffman Grist Mill in Enterprise, KS

Hoffman Grist Mill

Street Address

105 N. Factory Street

Enterprise, KS   67441

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Hoffman Grist Mill

P. O. Box 281

Enterprise, KS   67441


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Wed              2pm-5pm

Thur & Fri   10am-5pm

Sat              10am-3pm

Closed Sun, Mon, & Tue

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The Hoffman Mill at 105 N. Factory Street in Enterprise, KS was re-established in 2016 with a new structure built adjacent to the Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad.  The intent is to make flour products like our ancestors did when the original Hoffman Mill was operating near this site back in the 1800’s.  Our grinding stones are either an original or one recently reproduced.  

All wheat products are ground from turkey red heritage grain that was originally brought to United States by Mennonite immigrants in 1870.  Corn products are non GMO.  Whole wheat flour is 100% of the berry made into flour.  Bolted flour will be like that found in the late 1800’s that has some of the bran removed and is not as fine as general purpose flour.

The Hoffman Grist Mill exists in conjunction with the Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad Excursion Trains.  Ride the train from Abilene, KS to the Hoffman Mill in Enterprise, KS.  Do your shopping and then ride the train back to Abilene.  Options include the regular passenger train, the occasional trains pulled by the steam locomotive, and the monthly Silver Flyer Railbus excursions.  Or, just drive directly to the Mill.  Take exit 281 South from I-70 four miles on K-43 highway to Enterprise. The Mill is just across the river bridge adjacent to the railroad tracks on the right (West) side of the road at the north edge of town.

Click HERE for the A&SVRR website for schedules and fares.

The primary cleaners in our current facility are 80 to 100 years old.  The final cleaners were recently manufactured.  The bolter (sifter) is also an original that was manufactured in 1890.  All spouting, elevator legs, and storage bins are made of wood.  A small sifter is used to separate corn meal and grits.

Ride the train to the Hoffman Mill.  Click HERE for the Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad website.

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We welcome tours, large or small, to see the milling process and visit our cozy store.  It’s a step back in time!  We would love to meet you!  Call 785-479-1091 to schedule a visit.

Ride the Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad train to the Hoffman Mill!